Elephant Coast Excursions

Your gateway to Maputaland

If you are planning a longer stay with us, why not venture out into beautiful Maputaland to explore the wide range of activities on offer?

  • Enhance your bird watching experience by visiting nearby Ndumo Game Reserve. Ndumo has the highest bird count in the country with some 430 bird species.
  • Feel like a boat trip across the most pristine lake system on the South African coast? The Kosi Lakes harbour Barracuda and Kingfish in the deep, clear waters, as well as hippos and crocodiles.
  • Enjoy excellent snorkeling and scuba-diving at Kosi Bay, Black Rock and Rocktail Bay.
  • In the right season you can watch sea turtles waddle ashore to lay their eggs. This happens along the coast from Kosi Bay to Ponto de Oro.
  • Visit the largest freshwater lake in South Africa, Lake Sibaya. The lake covers an area of 7 700 hectares and is home to 18 species of fish.