Transfrontier Park

Futi-Royal Tembe Transfrontier Park

Tembe Elephant Park is a part of the greater Lebombo Transfrontier Conservation Area incorporating conservation areas in Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa. The future of our elephants and other wildlife at Tembe looks bright, as the Ndumo Futi Tembe Transfrontier Conservation Area unites Tembe with the pristine pan system of Ndumo Game Reserve. This will restore the ancient territories of the elephants in the Futi system and Rio Maputo wetlands of Mozambique -  giving them unprecedented freedom to roam, to grow and to thrive, and taking the measured thread of these grey giants into area where they have not been for centuries.

Our sister resort Ponta Momoli in nearby Mozambique offers outstanding snorkelling and scuba diving in the marine reserve that forms part of the Transfrontier Park.